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A Little More Bearable

When I first mentioned to Joe that I was thinking about sending Noah’s STARband to be custom painted, he didn’t quite have the reaction I had anticipated.

I came across the artist’s work on Pinterest and thought how awesome it would be to get something like that done. Then, I thought, why the hell not? Why can’t I contact this woman and see about having her paint my boys band.

I thought Joe, being an art major when I had first met him, and like myself, always having a love and appreciation for music and the arts, would think this idea genius.

Think not.

We didn’t even know yet how much the STARband itself and all the ongoing appointments with the orthotist were going to cost – and I was contemplating the notion of sending it to get painted?

Am I nuts?


But if you hear me out, I have good reason. You see, the helmet isn’t the worst thing in the world, but there are things, as with anything, that come along with it. And if this one little thing, getting his helmet painted, will make this journey just a little more bearable, then yeah, it’s worth it.

Leigh Gibson is the name I kept seeing as I scrolled through on Pinterest, marveling at all the beautifully hand painted cranial bands. Some were personalized – all unique.

Cranial band artwork and images by Leigh Gibson.

I loved the aviator designs and I liked the idea of having his name or initials somewhere. I noticed that she had some aviator style designs with themes- Mickey Mouse aviator or cowboy aviator, for example.

a little more bearable, STARband designs, plagiocephaly

Cranial band artwork and images by Leigh Gibson.

When I contacted Leigh, the first thing I had to ask was if she worked with folks out of state. We reside in MA and she works out of NC. She confirmed she does do shipped bands, “if they fit into my crazy band schedule”.

Leigh, also mentioned she does 10-12 locally a week! Wow! That is impressive! She was booked maybe a month or so out but I put a deposit down for the next appointment I could get!

We came up with the idea to do an aviator style construction themed design in honor of Joe’s father, who passed just about a month after our little one was born. “Grumpy” as the grandkids called him, had his own construction company. So, I thought it might be a nice, subtle way to sort of honor him in the design by adding an element of construction.

I felt like I worked closely with Leigh throughout the whole process.

I sent her pictures describing what I liked about this one and that. I told her why we wanted the construction theme and how it was important to us to have his last name included. (Noah is the first grandson and thus will carry on the family name.) I sent her an image I came across on a photo box that I thought could be cool artistic inspiration.

Overnighting the band was a little nerve wracking, but we managed successfully. Leigh messaged me right when it arrived and got straight to work!

She finished that morning, repackaged and personally dropped it off to be overnighted back to MA!

Absolutely incredible.

Cranial band artwork and images by Leigh Gibson.

After all, I think Joe came to love the idea too. I know you could say it was an added expense that we didn’t need, but in my eyes, it’s making a not-always-the-easiest adventure just a little more fun.

Learn more about Cranial Bands/Murals by Leigh Gibson here.

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