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Break it up With Breakfast

Every parent knows the struggle of getting dinner prepped and on the table every night. It’s pretty common in our house to sit down for dinner upwards of 8 o’clock every night – definitely not the best hour to be eating a large(r) meal. But, that’s the reality of things in our house.

To elaborate further, it’s also not common for us to enjoy eating together in the morning before rushing off into the world for the day. More like, I’m lucky to get a cup of coffee to bring on the car ride. So considering we never enjoy eating breakfast together, it makes sense to make it for dinner from time to time so we can eat at a reasonable hour.

Breaking up the week with a breakfast for dinner night can help ease the burden of thawing something from the freezer, cooking a meal your kids might not eat, or waiting for takeout to arrive.

breakfast for dinner

One way to help expedite getting dinner on the table are Krusteaz’s line of breakfast mixes that include various pancake and waffle mixes, muffin mixes, crumb cakes and a whole lot more. Many of the mixes only need the addition of 1-2 ingredients (water, egg, oil) – a huge convenience, and time saver when looking to make a quick dinner.

If we’re like most families (arguable), then chances are you don’t get to enjoy a proper breakfast with your family as often as you’d like either. Take advantage of these time-saving, and more importantly, delicious mixes, so you can enjoy what matters most to you – family.

While all the mixes are delicious in their own right, we definitely had a clear winner in our house.

krusteaz cinnamon swirl crumb cake and muffin mix

Hands down, our absolute favorite was the Cinnamon Swirl Crumb Cake & Muffin Mix. I have to say, I’m partial to pre-made mixes, but when you only have to add some water and a single egg; and get this mouthwatering of a result, then I’m all for it! If there’s one mix you try, I urge you to choose this one.

So, turn up the stove, crack a couple eggs and celebrate National Hot Breakfast Month all February long by starting #breakfastnight with your family & enjoying eachother’s company over a hearty meal!

Leave a comment below, telling us what your family’s favorite breakfast foods are for your chance to win the prize pack furnished by Krusteaz (mentioned above). Father. Food. Fun. will contact the winner.

The author of this article was compensated with Krusteaz and T-Fal products and materials in exchange for an honest review of the products mentioned above. All thoughts and opinions within the article are those of the author and are not influenced from any company or any associated persons.


  1. Egg burritos are a favorite in our home, but the preparation is too time consuming to eat them for breakfast. We usually eat them as a dinner food, and I have a bigger appetite for them in the evenings. We also will sometimes replace the tortillas with pancakes. We just add extra water to make them thinner. It is kind of like a crepe.

    1. Those sound delicious, and will have to give the burritos a try! That’s exactly why we tend to eat breakfast for dinner than in the morning. The morning is always too hectic.

    1. Those are definitely some of our favorites too Miguel! We loooove bacon in our house! Check out our recipe for French Toast Casserole.

  2. My little guy (and the big guy) would almost always go for some scrambled eggs (or maybe an omelette) hands down any day in my house. Me, though, I’d prefer something a bit more sweet. French toast is my go-to. A little bit of cinnamon in the batter and throw em on the griddle. French toast casserole is like gold but that’s more for like a special occasion.

  3. I LOVE breakfast, especially for dinner!!
    My favorite is simply eggs & bacon, but i did have a french toast casserole one time and it was out of this world!!!

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