easy edible baby paints

Edible Baby Paint

I was recently scrolling through activity ideas for ten months olds on Pinterest when I came across edible baby paints. There are a number of recipes out there, some use flour, corn starch, you name it. This one, used yogurt.

easy edible baby paint

We got the go ahead to try yogurt with our little one at his six month well visit. Be sure to check with your pediatrician before introducing yogurt and other dairy to your LO.

Noah has tried a little bit of yogurt at a time, maybe 1/3 or not even of a Stonyfield YoBaby cup. He seems to do okay with it but sometimes has some smelly spit up after.

Real quick, while Noah was finishing up his breakfast, I grabbed the last yogurt cup out of the fridge and divided it into three baby food jars. I just mixed one little drop of food coloring into each and voilĂ , a quick edible painting sensory experience after breakfast. We already had our sleeves rolled up and bib on, ready to go!

easy edible baby paint

We didn’t keep the artwork of course since it was soggy and yogurt covered. I first used a regular piece of computer paper but found it got wet and soggy and tore very easily. Card stock worked much better.

Come to think of it, painting right on tray would be best! This is what we did after exploring the paper. Easy enough that you could just lift off the tray and spray it down in the sink for easy clean-up!

edible baby paint, edible baby finger paint

Article contributed to Father. Food. Fun. by Mama Bear. You can find her on Pinterest, pinning and chatting about early childhood education, the Reggio approach to learning, sensory play and more!

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