fostering fatherhood resources for soon to be fathers

Fostering Fatherhood

Simply put, there aren’t as many resources for soon to be dads, or even veteran-fathers as there are for moms. There are thousands of books, websites, apps, and plenty of other reading material on pregnancy, babies, new moms, etc. You name it, and there’s likely a book on it – aimed at mom.

After all, she is carrying the baby.

But, where does that leave us dads? Where are we to turn for information on the developmental milestones of our babies over these 9 months, educating us about the changing bodies of our significant others, or just fatherly assurance that the (sometimes) crazy experiences of parenting aren’t uncommon or unfounded.

Here are three resources that I, as a new father, have found to be helpful in preparing and motivating myself to be a better dad.

Pregnant Dad

I found this app shortly after we found out we were expecting a baby, and what a find! The Pregnant Dad app offers a free version, and a paid version for $1.99. While the free version is helpful, it only supplies so much information. So, I would highly recommend spending the measly two dollars for this extremely useful resource.

To begin, you can either set it up with the expected due date or the date of conception. The app then gives you highly, detailed information on the development of your baby daily. Almost every day you’re given new insight into the development of your child. And although some days don’t have anything (very few), you can always jump ahead or go backwards!

The app informs you about the size of your little one, biological processes of the growing fetus, background on the history of babies and birthing, and many more insightful facts on the new life you’ve created. The app also brings in some humor with funny quips, videos, famous fatherhood quotes and more, all aimed at dads!

Not only does it give information about the baby, but you can can also keep track of upcoming doctors appointments, add important contacts, upload photos and other great features to track your LO.

preparing for parenting pregnant dad app

One feature I really enjoyed was the timeline on the bottom of the app that gauges the size of your growing baby over the nine months. It begins at conception, with a graphic of your little swimmer making it’s way to the egg, and progresses from embryo to growing fetus to the birth of your child.

It’s incredible to have a sense of what your growing baby looks like during each step of the way. Then, for the fun of it, why not compare this with the fruits and veggies your wife will be referencing in relation to the size of the baby? Is it the size of an apple or a cucumber today? Purchase the app, here.

Your Hospital

If you’re as lucky as we were in our hospital choice, then there should be plenty of resources for both new dads & moms.

The hospital our son was born at, offered courses on breastfeeding, birthing classes, and even a crash-course for soon-to-be dads. While I didn’t take advantage on the course for new dads, I did attend a birthing class with Haley. I did this to better prepare myself on how I can help her be more comfortable the further along she becomes and during labor.

Had I attended the course for expecting dads, I would have met other soon-to-be fathers and learned some of the basics of parenting from experienced dads. Courses like this, for new dads are often lead by experienced fathers who share their knowledge of parenting.

Some of the things you’ll learn include holding and comforting your baby, changing diapers, bonding and being involved. These daddy boot camps often include practicing on real babies, likely that of the instructor. Which is great, because the only way you’ll learn is actively practicing with a real baby. And don’t worry, this will only be one of the many, many, many times you change a diaper, or have to comfort your new baby.

Check the hospital your wife, or SO, plans on delivering the baby. New parenting classes are there for a reason, to educate and prepare you for the most important role you’ll ever have: a father. Some classes are free while others require a fee, but no price is too high for the benefit of your child.


You might think Twitter to be an unexpected resource, but it’s a goldmine for any parent.

If you’ve never been on Twitter, you’re missing out. Prior to becoming a father, I only used Twitter for work, but never for my own, personal use. As soon as I became a father, I began using it regularly. I’ve found it to be a massive resource for any new dad.

Not only can you find useful Twitter accounts, blogs, websites, and other material on the adventures of fatherhood, but it can also serve as a network of like-minded parents, with the similar goal of being the best possible parent to your children.

preparing for parenting fatherfoodfun twitter

Once you start looking around, you’ll find educational, informative, and hilarious content about others’ experiences, whether it’s a tweet, an article a meme, or some other shared content. And even if it’s not your experience of fatherhood or parenting, you’ll find they all share one thing in common, it’s all relatable in our roles as parents – as fathers and mothers.

Give it a try and you’re bound to find an endless supply of relatable, Twitter accounts from other, local, national, and international dads. There are thousands of accounts out there chatting about every aspect of parenting imaginable. Everyone has a unique view point, and approach to parenting, so I encourage you to explore and find the voices you’d like to connect with!

These are just a few of the resources that are now available for dads. Luckily for me, I became a father in the tech age, so there are more resources available compared to previous generations.

What are some of the resources that you’ve found helpful in preparing for fatherhood?

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