paint in the snow, snow painting activity for kids

Paint in the Snow

If you live in New England like we do, you probably just got hit with a massive amount of snow this past week. Wondering what to do with all the snow days and all the beautiful white snow? We tried painting in the snow with squirt bottles!

Fill a few bottles with water and a couple drops of food coloring; then bundle up to head outdoors!

kids snow painting activity

I’ve tried this with both typical liquid food dye and the more natural, powder food dye options. Both worked just fine. Use whatever you got! If you don’t have bottles like these, try empty spray bottles.

snow paint activity

I was worried the bottles filled with the food coloring mixture would stain our clothes on our way in and out of the house. As if trekking sand and snow into your home isn’t bad enough. So, I threw the bottles into a plastic storage bag and sealed it for the walk outside. It worked great to keep any stray drops from damaging our snow gear or staining our hands.

Think: Wobbly toddlers bundled in warm clothes toddling out the door. Messy.

paint in the snow, snow painting activity

Let the kids explore by mixing primary colors, creating an original work of art, or to even practice writing letters, numbers, words or what have you!

snow painting for kids

Alternative to heading outdoors: you can also bring the snow inside…if you’re brave enough!

For the Paint in the Snow Sensory Bin activity, we filled up our sensory bin with a heaping pile of snow and added a few dishes of colored water and some paint brushes!

paint in the snow, sensory bin snow painting

Article contributed to Father. Food. Fun. by Mama Bear. You can find her on Pinterest, pinning and chatting about early childhood education, the Reggio approach to learning, sensory play and more!

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