painting with beets

Painting With Beets

Painting With Beets

Recommended Age 3+

This activity not only uses items you, likely, already have in your home, unless you are not a beet eater, but lets kids paints with the natural beet juice.


1 can of beets
Paper or cardstock

painting with beets


Lay down a sheet or two of newspaper, which makes cleanup easy from any spilled beet juice.

Separate the actual beets from the juice and set aside. Pour the remaining juice into a shallow dish.

Then put out a few paintbrushes of various sizes and let your kids explore painting with the juice.

Let them do some exploration on their own as they buildup layer after layer of the deep, beet red.

I wouldn’t suggest letting your kids sample the beet juice, especially if you are using brushes that were previously used for painting.

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