ready set draw, drawing with cars

Ready, Set…Draw!

This fun activity for your kids utilizes items you likely already have around the house – toy cars, markers, and tape.

Tape a marker to the back of a toy car for a quick and easy art and movement activity!

I once tried drawing with cars previously with crayons, but found markers worked much better. Crayons just need a bit of pressure to make a strong line whereas the markers glide along leaving
a bright line without having to press down.

I’m sure you could use just about any toy car or truck, we just happen to already have these Oball cars in our home.

The trickiest part about this activity is when you are prepping the toy cars, making sure that the marker is lined up at just the right height so that the car can move back and forth freely and the marker is low enough to reach the paper. You may have to adjust before letting the kids take over.

drawing with cars

Noah has been grasping toy cars and pushing them forward and backwards. What a perfect way to practice his new skill during an art and sensory experience!

Reaching for, grasping, and pushing the toy car back and forth promoted fine and gross motor skill development and talking about the experience as we played encouraged language development.

This quick, easy, & practically mess-free art activity incorporates a little movement that’s sure to please your little ones!

drawing with cars

Remember, the smaller the child, the bigger the paper. Ready, set…draw!

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