shaving cream play

Shaving Cream Play

Shaving Cream Play

Recommended Age 3+

This is such an easy activity for young children that requires very little setup, but leads to lots of fun! All you need is a few materials, and your kids will be having a blast.


A cookie sheet (a tray would work as well)
Shaving cream (unscented preferred)
Few drops of food coloring (optional)
Paper towels (for easy cleanup of accidents)

Shake the can of shaving cream and squeeze out a generous amount over the cookie sheet. Add a few drops of food coloring and let the kids gets messy! It would even be fun to use two primary colors and watch them blend as your kids vigorously smear shaving cream all over the sheet.

Have your kids cover the entire cookie sheet with a layer of shaving cream, then use their fingers to remove the cream to create shapes or patterns.

Shaving cream play is a great example of sensory play for children that promotes learning about touch and feel, and also exercises fine motor skill development.

It should go without saying, that you should supervise your children while enjoying this activity.

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