spontaneous discovery teachable moments

Spontaneous Discovery – Teachable Moments

Spontaneous discovery. Teachable moments. They come about each and every day. It is our job to take hold of these moments and make them magical for our children. To open the eyes of our little ones.

As mother and fathers, teachers, grandparents, aunts and uncles – it’s our responsibility to help our little ones embrace the magical moments that are all around us.

Today, I came across a yellow jacket sitting on my kitchen floor seemingly drinking from a small drop of water or perhaps formula. A yellow jacket just casually hanging out in the kitchen. In the blink of an eye, I opened the cabinet and grabbed a small glass to put over the little bugger. I thought to myself,

When will we ever get the chance to see a yellow jacket, or any other insect – for that matter, up so close?

After capturing our new, thoracic friend in a cup, he was transferred to a mason jar for a few minutes, so we could observe him up close without hesitation. We watched as the little guy cleaned his face with his legs, and then as he climbed the sides of the jar – plotting his escape one would imagine. It wasn’t until this point that we noticed he was missing a wing. Poor little guy!

spontaneous discovery teachable moments

It’s these spontaneous moments we must take advantage and use as teachable moments for our children. This was the perfect chance for some spontaneous discovery in entomology. To carefully capture the yellow jacket and use it as a moment of observation and discovery for a young child. A moment, they might otherwise not have the opportunity to experience.

Once we finished observing the yellow jacket we brought the jar outside and uncovered the lid to set him free! Outdoors! Where it belonged, the little bugger!

Article contributed to Father. Food. Fun. by Mama Bear. You can find her on Pinterest, pinning and chatting about early childhood education, the Reggio approach to learning, sensory play and more!

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