summer sun tea

Summer Sun Tea

The inspiration for this classic summer beverage comes from a childhood memory of my mom setting a batch of sun tea out to brew on the back patio.

Now, considering we’ve been experiencing drought-like conditions here in the Northeast US, I think it’s the perfect time to prep a batch of homemade tea to enjoy later in the day!

Summer Sun Tea

Yield: 1 Gallon or 16 – 8 oz glasses

1 gallon-sized container
1 gallon of water
10 tea bags (black, green, etc)
5 TBS honey
Fruit (optional: lemon, peach, berries)


Sun tea, even regular hot tea, is so versatile, that it leaves it wide open for anyone to experiment with the flavor. There are literally endless possibilities when it comes to brewing tea.

First, fill your container with a gallon of water.

Place the 10 teabags into the water. To make it easier when removing the teabags later on, I twist the strings of the bags together. Then you’ll only have one item to fish out instead of ten.

Next, you can add any fruit you might like. This is where you can experiment with flavors to see what you like the best. If anything, I might suggest adding a few lemon slices to bring in a natural sweetness (which is what I’m going to do).

Seal your container and place in direct sunlight between 2-4 hours. Steep time can differ depending on how much sunlight reaches the container and how long you leave it out.

If you prefer a stronger or weaker tea you can let it steep for more or less time. I prefer a stronger tea, so I’ll leave it in the sun longer.

After your tea is finished steeping, stir in the honey until fully dissolved. Honey gives it a sweetness just as sugar would, but it dissolves much easier.


Pour the sun tea over ice and garnish with fruit.

Enjoy sipping on this low calorie favorite all afternoon!

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