fatherhood challenge

The Fatherhood Challenge

As you may have noticed, there was recently a “challenge” floating around social media encouraging mothers to accept the, “motherhood challenge”.

Mother’s who accepted the challenge, were to take a photo of themselves that showed them enjoying motherhood, and when posting to their social media, tag other mothers to encourage them to do the same.

Now, more recently, there is the “fatherhood challenge”. The concept remains the same, except this time it’s for all the dads out there. Share a snapshot of what makes you happy being a father, and tag other exceptional fathers as well.

The idea behind the challenge, whether for moms or dads, is a great reminder to take joy in parenting. As stressful as it can get running around the house to care for children, the joys of parenting should be embraced.

But, the fatherhood challenge should also serve as a reminder to new and existing dads that just because the challenge is completed, your work is not complete. Being a father is a 24-hour, full time job. No sick days, no days off. Fathering children is the easy part, but stepping up and being a loving, involved parent is what it truly takes to be a great provider and father figure for your children.

You can learn more about the fatherhood challenge here.

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