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The Rock

You see these motivation posts quite a bit from our heroes who have achieved great success through extreme discipline and determination. Usually they get me pretty fired up to want to do more, be more. But for some reason my reaction to this one was different.

I also get up at 4 am.

I am also working extremely hard to create new opportunities for success by constantly learning something new to sharpen my skills. But what caught my attention on this post is the word “competitor.”

Sure, the Rock has plenty of competition in Hollywood and beyond. But he will turn 45 this year and has created a brand for himself in a niche that is most certainly a young man’s game. From linebacker at the University of Miami, to WWE World Champion wrestler, to action movie star, he has been able to constantly reinvent himself to perpetuate a career based around his athleticism and body builder physique. His drive is undeniable.


It made me think.

Who are my competitors?

And what, exactly, are we competing for? This speaks to the essence of why we get bored with life. We think we want routine. We think we want stability. But what we really want is something to pursue. When we lose sight of a goal in our life, we get bored. That’s a large part of what brings on a mid-life crisis. We are trying to do things to break up the routine. The problem is that these are often destructive behaviors.

To prevent this downward spiral we must set our sights on noble and admirable goals. Whether in the realms of faith, family, fitness, or finance we must always be working to become better versions of our current self. We should always be working to be a better father and husband, but can you really say that you are actively doing something about it?

Do you have the self-awareness to be able to recognize your own short-comings?

In your career, do you have the ability to see the bigger picture of where you might be in five or ten years if you follow your current path? If you could change something what would it be?

Why not dream a little bigger and start now going after the life you want to live?

So who are my competitors?

My competitors are complacency, redundancy, and wasted time. I like a little routine in my life, but I also like to know that I am constantly moving forward, making myself a little better than I was yesterday. The first key to this is to have enough self-awareness to know where you were yesterday. There are only two options. You are either moving forward or moving backward. If you can’t explicitly show examples of how you are just a little better than yesterday, you have wasted a day of your life and lost an opportunity to be a little more awesome.

My competitors are complacency, redundancy, and wasted time.

It doesn’t take much. Even the smallest changes, compounded over time, result in massive action. Start small, with one old habit you would like to change or one new habit that you would like the instill.

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