tissue paper stained glass

Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Tissue Paper Stained Glass

Recommended Age 2+

This fun activity for kids makes a great gift to give moms, dads, grandparents, or just about anyone you can think of.

Clear, votive candle holder (or recycled baby food jar)
Tissue paper
Mod Podge®


Let your kids tear up colored tissue paper of their choosing, or you can cut out some shapes ahead of time.

Dip the paintbrush into the Mod Podge® and coat an area of the glass jar.

Place the pieces of tissue paper onto the wet surface, then brush with a thin coat of Mod Podge®.

Repeat the process until the entire jar is covered with colored tissue paper.
A buildup of more tissue paper will let less light shine through; less will allow more light to shine through.

tissue paper stained glass candle holder

Once the entire jar is covered, brush an even layer of Mod Podge® over the entire surface of the jar.

Let completely dry, then add a second layer. Again, let the coat dry completely.

Place a tealight candle inside, light, and watch the colors dance in the dark!

tissue paper stained glass candle holder

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