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You Are My Sunshine

We’re a music loving household. More often than not, we have music playing. Whether it’s streaming from the ‘work’ computer, playing through the TV speakers, or spinning on the record player, it’s always been a big part of our lives. Since we enjoy music so much, we want to share our love for music with our little one.

Having been an infant, toddler and preschool teacher, let’s just say, that I’ve listened to a fair share of children’s music. Maybe, even… dare I say, more than anyone would ever want to hear? But, it definitely allows the opportunity to find and enjoy some of the better children’s music out there. Below we share our own suggestions for you and your little ones listening pleasure.

charlie-hope-im-meI’m Me! (A Collection of Songs for Children)
Charlie Hope

We discovered Charlie Hope while listening to our Family Folk Songs station on Pandora. The song, “I’m Me” struck me by the lyrics and overall feel of the song. It’s a feel good tune about being whatever you want to be, “but in the end… I’m Me!” It also incorporates animal sounds, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love meowing like a cat or roaring like lion?!

Hope’s “Train Song” also happened to be the perfect fit for our transportation-themed week. I find myself humming it at the end of a good day of play with the little ones. One day, I threw all the couch cushions on the floor and my infants and toddlers knew just what to do. They climbed up and over, playing and laughing to this song, a memory I will never forget. Pure joy. Simple and bliss.

elizabeth-mitchell-you-are-my-birdYou Are My Little Bird
Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell has quickly become a favorite of mine. Mitchell also appeared on our Family Folk Songs Pandora station. Her music is clean, earthy, and fun. I love singing “Peace Like a River” with my little ones. “Who’s My Pretty Baby” is a bit more upbeat but equally as catchy. “Little Bird, Little Bird” would be the perfect fit for a bird themed week. Children’s voices can be heard suggesting different kinds of birds and the different sounds they make as they all sing along. And most recently, I discovered this album also includes cover songs, one of which is a cover of Neil Young’s “Little Wing”.

elizabeth-mitchell-you-are-my-sunshineYou Are My Sunshine
Elizabeth Mitchell

Same artist, different album, but couldn’t be left out. My Nana used to sing me “You Are My Sunshine” while I cuddled up beside her on the couch. She’d gently rub my head, running her fingers through my hair, holding me close to her. Now I sing this beloved song to my own child. We lost Nana to cancer just a little over a month ago. This song is even more close to my heart than ever before. Mitchell does a stand up job at delivering.

renee-and-jeremy-its-a-big-worldIt’s a Big World
Renee and Jeremy

Renee and Jeremy have a such a good sound and they match it with a good message. These two voices go together perfectly. You’ll find yourself singing along without a doubt. “It’s a Big World” and “Sleep My Love” are our favorite tracks from this album.

Dream Too Much
Amy Lee

From covers of classic children’s songs, a la “Rubber Duckie,” to new originals such as title track, “Dream Too Much,” this album offers something for children and parents alike.

Growing up in the early 2000s, it’s interesting to see an old favorite cover new ground with a children’s album, which was originally meant for the enjoyment of Lee’s own son.

Well, there you have it! A brief list highlighting some of our favorite children’s music. I hope you and your little ones have the chance to explore music together and perhaps maybe will stumble upon something new while you’re at it. Share with us! We’d love to hear from you!

What are some children’s artists that have become favorites in your home?

Article contributed to Father. Food. Fun. by Mama Bear. You can find her on Pinterest, pinning and chatting about early childhood education, the Reggio approach to learning, sensory play and more!

Album covers sourced from iTunes, with the exception of ‘Dream Too Much’, which was sourced from Amazon.

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